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News & Offers

Vaccine Amnesty

If your pet’s vaccinations are overdue or have lapsed we are offering to give your pet a full course of vaccinations i.e. 2 injections, 2 weeks apart for only the cost of a booster vaccination. This offer applies to dogs and cats and will run throughout 2018. So, for cats this will mean a saving of £10.50 off the primary course and for dogs a saving of £15.50! *

*(this offer only applies for pets that have had their primary vaccines at our surgery)

Discount Neutering For Dogs

We participate in the Dogs Trust neutering scheme whereby you can have your dog neutered (spayed or castrated) for only £35.

This scheme only covers certain breeds and you must be in receipt of state benefit. If you would like to know more about this campaign and whether you qualify please contact the surgery.

Discount Neutering For Cats

We are currently taking part in a cat’s protection neutering campaign which means you can get your cat spayed or castrated for just a £5 contribution.

If you receive a state benefit, are on a low household income or are a full-time student or pensioner, you should qualify for help.

If you would like more information on this campaign, or to find out if you qualify please contact the surgery.

Science Plan (Hills Diets)

We offer a discount of 5% on all Science Plan diets (this does not apply to prescription food)


Pet Passport Scheme

2 of our veterinary surgeons here at Yew Tree are qualified to complete the correct documentation for you if you want to take your pet abroad. At the beginning of 2012 some changes were made to the regulations if you are taking your pet to an EU or listed non-EU country. They now need to be microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and have a pet’s passport before leaving the country. Your pet must then wait 21 days after the rabies vaccination before it can leave the country. THIS IS FOR EU AND LISTED NON-EU COUNTRIES ONLY. If you are unsure about the classification of the country you are visiting or if you are visiting a non EU country, then you can visit the DEFRA website to find out more: www.defra.gov.uk. Alternatively, you can call DEFRA on 0870 241 1710 for advice or get in touch with us directly here at the surgery


Combined Mxyomatosis & VHD Vaccine For Rabbits

There is now a combined myxomatosis and VHD vaccine for rabbits. Unlike the previous vaccines, which were given separately, this vaccine covers both diseases in one dose. The new vaccine can be given any time from 5 weeks of age. After the initial vaccine the rabbits require annual boosters. The cost of the new vaccine also works out cheaper than the previous separate doses too. The vaccine is now in stock and available at the surgery. Please call for more information.


Compulsory Microchipping for all Dogs

As of April 2016, it is compulsory by law that your dog is micro-chipped with the details up to date. We offer micro-chipping for adult dogs for just £15. Please contact the surgery for more information.


New Reminder Service

We have set up a new reminder service for your pet’s boosters, flea and worm treatment; We are now able to send these reminders by text or email. Please contact the surgery to make sure your details are up to date, to get the benefit of this service.

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